1959 Original FCI Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breed Standard

On May 9th, 1959, the first standard for Polish Lowland Sheepdog was approved by Polish Canine Society and published in "Pies" magazine (issue 5/6, 1959)


Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a dog of medium size, compact, strong, muscular, with a thick long coat, easy and ground covering movement. Resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions. Of a lively but tempered disposition, vigilant, agile, intelligent, perceptive and gifted with a good memory.:


Medium dimension, proportional, not too heavy. The thick fur on the forehead, the cheeks and the chin give the head a look of being heavier than it really is. Skull not excessively broad, slightly rounded. Frontal furrow and occipital protuberance palpable. The length of the face with straight nose is equal to, or slightly less than the length of the skull.


big,always black, blunt, with large nostrils


Fitting well, with dark edges. Strong jaws. Teeth strong, with scissor or pincer bite.


Medium size, with lively and piercing look, oval, not protruding, hazel color,. The rims of the eyelids are dark.


medium size, heart-shaped, wide at base, set rather high, but not excessively high, hanging, the fore edge is close against the cheeks; very mobile.


Of medium length, strong, muscled, without dewlap, carried rather horizontally.


Chest deep, of medium width; ribs quite well sprung, neither flat nor barrel-shaped. Belly slightly dawn up. Back flat, even, well muscled. Loin broad, well fused. Withers well accentuated. Croup short, slightly truncated. The proportions of height at withers to length of body are 9:10. Height: females: 40 - 46 cm; males: 43 - 52 cm. LIMBS: Shoulders broad, of medium length, oblique, muscular, well fused. Front limbs seen in profile and from the front: straight, pastern slightly slanting in relation to the forearm. Thighs broad, well muscled. Hock well developed, not steep at the base. Feet compact, of oval shape. Toes tight, slightly arched. Pads really hard. Nails short, dark. Tail short or stumpy-tail, or very shortly docked.


The whole body covered with long, thick, dense hair with profuse, soft undercoat. Straight or slightly wavy hair is acceptable. The hairs falling from the forehead cover the eyes in a characteristic manner.


All colors and patches are acceptable.


round apple-shaped head, unleveled nose, bad teeth, no pigment, highly raised ears, faulty set legs, Sighthound-type or barrel-shaped chest, stiff or rolling movement, weak hair, nervous, cowardly.


This sheepdog is easy to handle, is used in the lowlands as a sheepdog and a guard dog. In the city it sluggish becomes lively and joyful companion for walks. He's always alert, willing to guard the house he lives in. His coat, when well groomed, gives an attractive and interesting appearance. This standard recognized only one size - the medium, increasing the height limit to 52.