Fun Activities For PONs

Although PONs 'settle' well at home, they love being active.Thankfully,there are a vast variety of sports and activities that are not only fun for both you and your PON, but provide healthy excercise and mental stimulation as well. And did I mention 'fun'?

Many are aware of conformation, agility, obedience, rally, and herding, but recently I was introduced to two new sports that my PONs absolutely love. A few months ago, Annabelle went to a Doggie Fun Days and tried lure coursing. We were immediately hooked on it, and now Annabelle has competed in AKC Fast CAT trials. Here is a video of Annabelle trying Lure Coursing for the first time.

Treibball is another new sport I didn't know much about until I had the opportunity to watch the National Treibball Championships at the 2018 Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show. And what fun it was! To me, it is like herding only with balls rather than sheep. It is a low impact sport open to all ages. This sport seems perfect for my needs since it provides wonderful exercise for my PON that I can also enjoy without having to 'run the course'

The video below was taken at the National Treibball Championships. It gives you a sense of what this sport is all about. Please be patient. Videos may take a little time to load. The space may appear blank until the video loads.

There are so many other activities that the list seems endless. Sent Work, Canine Freestyle Dancing, Trick Dog, Tracking, Flyball and Barn Hunt are just a few, and there are still so many more. AKC provides titles for competing in many of these sports, but to me, whether you care to compete or not, these activities are a sure fire way to have fun and bond with your PON, while getting some great exercise at the same time.

dog playing Treibball

Herding balls in Treibball

dog running Lure Course

PON chasing lure