A little while ago, I was introduced to Lure Coursing. I have always thought that only sight hounds could participate in this activity, but now I realize how wrong I was! Although only certain breeds can compete in AKC lure coursing trials, any AKC registered dog, or dog registered with the AKC's Canine Partners as well as dogs that have FSS or PAL numbers, can participate in the AKC's Coursing Ability Test, or CAT.

The Coursing Ability Test is a pass/fail event that is great fun for both the dog and owner. The dog chases a lure, which is a white plastic bag, as it moves along the ground. The course is 300 yards for smaller dogs, and 600 yards for larger dogs. Passing 3 events and your dog earns a CA title. And as your dog continues to particpate, he or she can earn more titles.

Similar to the CAT is the FAST CAT, where your dog runs 100 straight yards chasing the lure. This is a timed event, and points are earned based on the speed of the dog.

Just recently, Annabelle, my PON, participated in her first FAST CAT. And I must say, she LOVED it! She was timed at 17 miles per hour, which to me seemed faster than a speeding bullet. Along with the sighthounds, there were Dachshounds, Norfolk Terriers, Havanese, Keeshounds, Dalmatians, and so many more breeds having fun.

The video below is Annabelle chasing a lure during a fun days event. This was not an AKC event, but rather a day designed for all dogs to just have fun and try something new. Annabelle had all the spectators cheering her on. Both Annabelle are now 'hooked' on this fun event. Please be patient. Videos may take a little time to load. The space may appear blank until the video loads.

If you are interested in learning more about Lure Coursing, check out Beginner's Guide to Lure Coursing, or Lure Coursing AKC