TreibballFor Dogs

Dogs love Treibball, or at least that's true for all the dogs I saw. I must admit, I didn't know much about this new sport until I had the opportunity to watch the National Treibball Championships at the Colorado Kennel Club Dog Show last week. And what fun it was!

Since I have a herding dog, I see it as kind of like herding, only with balls rather than sheep. According to the American Treibball Association, Treibball is a low impact sport for both the dog and the handler, and is appropriate for all ages. It is a sport that uses directional retrieving with both hand signals and verbal commands, while enhancing the dog's attention skills. Only positive reinforcement is used to train your dog for this sport.

Treibball is an off lead activity in which a dog moves 8 fitness type balls into a goal, or corral, where the handler is standing. The balls are all sized appropriately for the dog, and are different colors and can be different sizes. Each ball is 'pushed' toward the goal by the dog using his/her nose or shoulder, and is retrieved in a specific order determined by the handler. In competition, there is a specific order of retrieval that must be followed. The handler directs the dog using both verbal cues and hand signals. When all the balls are 'penned' in the goal, the game is over.

Whether you are intending to compete in this sport, or just enjoy an activity with your dog, it provides wonderful excercise for your dog that you can also enjoy without having to 'run the course'!

The video below was taken at the 2018 National Treibball Championships in Denver Colorado. Please be patient. Videos may take a little time to load. The space may appear blank until the video loads.

If you are interested in learning more about Treibball, check out The American Treibball Association