Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

Helpful ResourcesFor Your Dog

Please check back often as the list will continue to 'grow'. This is only a beginning.....

  • Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

    Founded in 1966, the OFA is dedicated to collecting and sharing information about genetic diseases in dogs, with the goal of promoting healthier companions.

    On their website, you can view the health tests and results for a particular dog. For PONs, these tests usually include hips ,eyes and the new genetic test, RCD4, for PRA blindness. The webgsite also explains the significance of each of these tests. This provides a way to check on the health of a potential puppy's sire and dam.

  • Dog Food Advisor

    This website provides helpful information about, yup you guessed it, dog food. Please keep in mind that there are many sources of information available to you. I think is it always wise to include your vet in making decisions

    However, I personnally really like their 'Recall Alerts', which are emailed to you anytime a dog food or treat is recalled. You can subscribe to receive these emails at their website.


    The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club is the national breed club for PONs.

  • American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association

    The APLSA is a club designed for PON owners to get together, share information, and learn about the breed

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